Ed Ecclestone

Whilst we were in Grandtully we were both very sad to hear the news that Ed Ecclestone has passed away.

Ed has been a real character around the slalom scene for as long as we have been involved. His voluntary support of our sport as a whole and the GB Team in particular has been truly inspiring. With his quiet personality and dry sense of humour he generated a very real feeling of warmth and pride in the team environment. His presence at international races was always reassuring, checking results and keeping a close eye on the organisers adherence to the rules. It seems strange to think the team will be racing at the Worlds in Seu this year without him, hopefully they can put on a good show in his memory.

My funniest memory of Ed is when David Florence first met him in 2000. David was just 18 and we were travelling around Europe on a classic summer road trip. The European Champs were being held in Mezzana and we thought we'd drop in to support the team and do some paddling on the fantastic venue. We were hanging around outside the team hotel chatting with team members when Ed sauntered up and deadpan asked David if he wanted to be a pilot. Dave was pretty surprised as he had no idea who Ed was but as it happened he did indeed want to become a pilot like his dad. Hence, David replied that he did with a pretty quizzical expression wondering how Ed could know. Ed floored him with his reply, "You should be with ears like that."

Ed will be missed by the whole sport.


(Posted on the 22nd Apr 2009)
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