It's Nottingham... but not as we know it!

The first day of European Championships racing has finished here in Nottingham. Today saw the C2 and WK1 qualifying races for both Team and Individual events. It was a successful day for GB with all athletes progressing to the individual Semi-Finals. Louise Donnington deserves special mention for a dominating performance to qualify in 2nd place. In the team race qualification the GB teams also shone bagging 2nd place in WK1 and taking a very unexpected win in the C2 class, all that team training (5 mins on flat before race) paying dividends. Hopefully we can recapture the same form in the Final.

From an individual point of view we were pretty happy with our qualification race. It was frustrating to have taken two touches on both runs, in particular the touches on second runs were both very slight, but overall we were much happier with our pace than at selection.

I'd like to finish by saying what an amazing job all of the organisers have done. The course here in Nottingham has been completely transformed as you'll see from the pictures below. I never imagined it would look like it does and am immensely proud to have this as a showcase for International races in the UK. Anyone who was thinking of watching it on the Telly should definitely come down to the course instead as there is a much better TV down there, it's HUGE! So then Big Up to all the volunteers and good luck to GBR for the racing tomorrow.

Cheers Tim

(Posted on the 28th May 2009)
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