World Cup Race 3 Qualification

Today is Qualifications racing for World Cup Race 3 in Augsburg, Germany. We've just back to the hotel since the MC2, MK1 and WC1 racing was back to back runs this morning. Our race was pretty good and we qualified in 8th place.

Our first run was a solid clean run with a few time losses which was good enough for 5th after first runs. We were pretty sure this would be enough to get us into the semi but we were keen to improve so that we'd be seeded off later in the semi-final. Our second run was quite good with some really fast sections but it was let down a little by a touch on gate 7 and a slow last breakout. Aside from the Hochschorners who were a couple of second in the lead the times were all pretty close so should be an exciting race tomorrow.

Big Up to the GB MK1s who all qualified for the semi-final for the first time this season. Solid racing all round, nice work lads.

This afternoon the WK1 and MC1 classes are racing quals so check out the live results via the link below.

Cheers Tim

(Posted on the 10th Jul 2009)
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