Fifth in Finals Again

As we expected it was an exciting day of finals racing today at World Cup 3 in Augsburg, Germany. The course set for the finals was much tougher than that in qualification and required continual high quality technical paddling (as well as a little luck) to go fast.

Our semi-final run this morning was a little bit sketchy with a 3 second time loss at gate 2 and then a touch at gate 11. On such a tough course I think most crews had a bit of an adventure and so it turned out that even with our mistakes we qualified for the Final in 9th just behind our team mates Florence/Hounslow in 8th.

As is always the case in Augsburg finals racing was a noisy experience, particularly for the Germans. Our final run was pretty exciting, we got a bit out of shape in the top section but managed to keep the run alive and had a pretty quick couple of middle sections. At the bottom of the course we lost a bit of time by not quite getting a good surf into the second last breakout but overall we were pretty happy with the run. We went into the lead but then had to wait anxiously for the next 8 boats to come down to see where we would finish. As it panned out we finished 5th 0.15secs of the Bronze medal, close but no cigar! Local heroes Becker/Henze ripped up to win by over 2seconds ahead of the Hochschorner brothers in Silver and Volf/Stepanek in Bronze.

The MK1 was also very exciting with paddlers pushing the lines to the limit quite a few went to hard and there was some spectacular action. With 3 GB MK1 in the semi-final we were hoping to get a couple into the final but in the end only Campbell Walsh made it in. Rich Hounslow only just missed out in 11th and Huw Swetnam also had good pace but incurred two 2sec penalties on his run which took him outside the bubble. The final saw some ballistic paddling from all the top paddlers. Campbell didn't quite have the pace to get on the podium which was populated by Peter Kauzer nearly 3seconds ahead in Gold then Alexander Grimm in Silver and Daniele Molmenti in Bronze.

The last class down the river was the WC1. Second chance GB WC1 selection is this weekend in Nottingham so there were no GB entries in this class. Ros Lawrence from Australia put in a solid performance to take the Gold medal.

With our World Cup races completed we're going to have an evening off tonight and hopefully catch up with many friends (and perhaps make some more) at the boathouse party then it's down the river again tomorrow to support the GB MC1 and WK1s. Results will be live on the internet again via the link below.

Lastly thanks very much to all the GB supporters today, our finals run was chased down by an absolute racket. Cheers Tim

(Posted on the 11th Jul 2009)
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