Andorran Andventure

Today we celebrated our first day off by heading up to the high hills in Andorra. We've finished the first week of our three week camp in La Seu D'Urgell, where we are preparing for the Worlds in September.

The first week was very tough, but ended in good fashion. The course is running on low water (we believe that one of the pumps is broken) and so the course is quite boney, shallow and not quite as powerful as normal. Our brand new Vajda 'H', just two session old before arriving, looks like it has been in use for several months. The tail is all dog-eared and some sections of the seams are split. I broke my paddle too. This added to the usual difficulties of paddling here, with the very narrow course layout and small eddies.

Our last few sessions saw us getting used to the delicacy of our new craft and also finding some nice movements on the river, so that once our boat was repaired on Saturday afternoon, we could declare the week ended with a good sense of satisfaction.

In our spare time we like to get out into the natural world, but around here that is normally found at the top of very steep hills. So we drove our car as far as we could and scrambled up a shale bank, where we found a beautiful meadow, overlooking the Segre River valley. We tucked into our picnic, took a few photos, breathed in the air and then went home to chill out.

Next week we will be building more pace into our sessions and starting to try and get a bit more racey. With a bit more water that might be more fun, but I think we'll still have a very focussed approach. We'll keep you posted.


(Posted on the 2nd Aug 2009)

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