ICF World Cup Ranking and 2nd Release of World Ranking

The ICF have just published the Overall 2009 World Cup ranking and the second release of the 2009 World Ranking.

We're pretty chuffed to have finished 4th in the Overall World Cup. I'm not sure quite how the positions were calculated. After World Cup Race 3 we were in 5th position on equal points with Kucera/Batik. Now after the final continental race, which was the Pan-American champs, we have moved up to 4th position still on equal points with Kucera/Batik. Seems strange to have been promoted a place but it's fair to say we're happy to take it. It was also quite good that no crews in the top 10 had a continental race so it was a fair reflection of the World Cup results. For us it would have been nice to move up a place and get into the cash prizes but we'd have needed a medal result to do that, 4th seems like a fair reflection of our good consistent set of races. If we'd wanted to get into the cash we should have gone to the Pan-Ams and we could have won the World Cup overall but then all the crews in the top 11 were in that position. Hopefully the rules will get a bit better sorted out for next year.

After the second release for 2009 we're world ranked 8th. It's fair to say I haven't fully understood the World Ranking calculation yet which I should add is more laziness on my part than that it isn't clearly explained. Being world ranked in the top 10 seems pretty good though especially considering our pretty dismal results last year. Hopefully we can continue to build on our performances so far this season and edge our way up the rankings.

Which brings me back to the present, we're still in La Seu d'Urgell training on the World Championships venue. Happily since our last update the pump has been fixed so the water level is up to full flow which is a massive improvement. Sadly the damage to our boat has all been done already so we're still leaking like a sieve which is very frustrating considering how much new boats cost. Not to worry though as soon as we get home our boat will be into the repair shed for Etienne to work his resin magic and patch it up brand new for the Worlds. Aside from equipment training here has been going quite well, we're pushing quite a high volume of training ahead of a taper for the worlds but are still managing some nice paddling here and there. 3 more days to go and then it's back to Notts.

Cheers Tim

(Posted on the 12th Aug 2009)
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