Embark to España

Well, I'd only just unpacked my washbag, when I had to re-pack it and get back to La Seu d'Urgell for the build up to the 2009 World Championships. Two and a half weeks may seem like a bit of time, but time flew as we were catching up on home life and then preparing to return.

We've been here for two sessions, one last thing of the day and the other the first thing. That meant on Thursday we waited all day to paddle and on Friday the whole day waited for us after we'd paddled. Getting on the water to witness a red sunrise over the Cadi was pretty nice, it distracted from the early time our watches were telling us! Getting back into the groove is a work in progress, but we are on a good build up back to where we were a few weeks ago.

It has been tough training at home after we had paddled so well at the training camp and we have been struggling a bit. But we are keeping a steady ship in all departments and concentrating on the simple things. The race will arrive in its own time!

The town and course in Seu has undergone some big changes too. They're still crazily paving their way along the route of the opening ceremony, new stands have gone up along the riverbank and there are some excellent pieces of 'Kayart' to be seen (check the link, or see them for yourselves) dotted around the town.

All in all it is shaping up nicely to be the culmination of the 2009 season! We haven't found out about TV yet, but we'll let you know when we do. Bye for now


(Posted on the 30th Aug 2009)
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