Sneaky Team Bronze!

Britain scored its first medal of the European Championships in the C2 Team event. Tim and I led the way for about half the course, until we span out and were overtaken by David and Richard! Dan and Colin charged the 3rd position and we crossed the line with three touches and a bit of lost time. It seemed we were headed for 4th spot, until the Skantars bombed out of their final run effort and ended Slovakia's challenge. A Bronze medal! It wasn't the prettiest effort, but we'll take it. The Czech team won in a good style with the Polish claiming the Silver medal.

It was also good for the GB Team in general, as our other challenges hadn't turned out well. The C1 team suffered under the weight of two fifties after Greg Pitt's strap broke free in his boat and he capsized in the semi. The mens' kayak team were on a flyer until Campbell got battered on the eddyline and flipped on the bottom drop. Bizarrely the same fate was to befall Fabien Lefevre in the French men's team. The Polish went on to win, even though Dariusz Popiella half broke his paddle on their final run.

The German's well oiled team machine claimed Gold in the womens' race, Fiona, Lizzie and Louise had a troubled run with a 50 and came in 4th place.

Well we're just relaxing a bit for the rest of the afternoon and then we'll start preparing our strategy for the semi final tommorrow. It's going to be another hot one!


(Posted on the 14th Aug 2010)
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