Individual Fourth at Euros

Today was another crazy days racing in Bratislava at the European Championships. It had all the hallmarks of a classic Brats race, big water, sunshine, a deceptively difficult course, lots of slovak medals (including the customary Gold Silver Bronze in MC1), a big move on the bottom drop and a shed load of big name blow outs.

Our race went pretty reasonably. First run was a good solid Semi Final effort which placed us in 5th. The Hochschorners schooled the rest of the field by quite a margin (they were 8 seconds faster than us) but we knew that we had plenty of time lost in our run and also that it would be difficult for anyone to match that run. In the Final we worked really hard but struggled from the get go, we kept hard at it but nothing seemed to be going very easily. At the finish we went into second place by 0.6 of a second behind our team mates Dave and Rich. We were pretty sure we'd missed a medal but it looked like they would have a good chance as the crews following us struggled to get a solid run down. Volf Stepanek held a good one together to sneak into a 1 sec lead. Then it was time for the final two Slovakian boats, the Skantars and Hochschorners. The Skantars had some sketchy bits but kept charging and took the lead. Last boat down was local heroes the Hochschorners and the crowd went completely silent with anticipation. They were on an exhibition run until the bottom drop were it all went completely and unexpectedly wrong. This meant Dave and Rich bagged a Bronze medal (Congratulations to them) and we finished fourth. It's a funny result to come away with, on one hand it's pretty frustrating to finish fourth with so much easy time in your run but on the other hand it's better than fifth and pretty much every crew in the race had the same story of fast and slow sections.

Elsewhere in the GB Team the highlights were Mark Proctor and Greg Pitt making their first senior championship final, Well Done to both of them. Mallory, Lizzie and Fiona also made their respective finals but didn't manage to deliver the finals runs they were looking for.

Well that's all for now, I'm off to the pool to cool down. Tomorrow we travel home and have a few days rest and then a week on Wednesday we'll be back out in Tacen to prepare for the Worlds.

Cheers Tim

(Posted on the 15th Aug 2010)
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