Worlds is On

We've just back to the hotel from the 2010 World Championships Opening Ceremony so the the World Champs have been officially opened!!

The racing for us starts tomorrow at 10:00 which is about 4hrs earlier than was initially planned due to an expected surge in river levels. Check out the official race website for further information but basically a lot of water is expected to arrive Thursday morning so the organisers have decided to pack as much racing into tomorrow as possible. Demos are at 8:00 and C2 racing starts at 10:00 so will be a busy morning.

Training has been going pretty well, the river level has continued to fluctuate but we've been managing to paddle reasonably consistently none the less.

The opening ceremony was held in the very beautiful Ljubljana town centre. It was a pretty cool mix of entertainments and good short speeches but not a backflipping jet ski in sight so I think Nottingham 09 probably still has the title in that respect :). Joking aside it was definitely a good one and they've also brought the Kayart exhibition from Seu last year which looks cool hung above the Ljubljana streets.

Well that's all for now as I need to pack for an early start and then chill out, live results should be available via the official website, enjoy!

Cheers Tim

(Posted on the 7th Sep 2010)
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