Heating It Up!

A successful day here in Tacen - we won the heats at the Sloka 2010 World Championships. We were feeling the pinch before second runs as our first run had placed us in 17th. As we started our nervous parents could see we were in 22nd place (outside the qualifying mark) and we were keenly aware that a very focussed job was required!

Thankfully, we got through the ever-tricky top drop section and went on to piece a pretty good run together. As usual in Tacen, perfection was somewhere in the distance, but we were very happy to have come through the test.

It's raining and storming quite heavily so that will make the afternoon racing session even more action packed. The entirety of the women's kayak team made it through, David/Richard were a sound 5th in C2, but sadly Dan and Colin flipped towards the end of a good run and missed the cut.

The racing conmtinues this afternoon with men's and women's C1. There is a certainty that there will be some excitement!

We'll have a gentle paddle tommorrow, chill out and perhaps watch some MK1 racing and then get on the case for Friday's team event. That will also have the spectators feasting on the action! Keep an eye on the web though, the schedule is flexible due to the weather. Bye for now


(Posted on the 8th Sep 2010)
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