Racing Postponed

After all the rain of the last 48hrs the water arrived here in Tacen today. The river is super high and the Mens Kayak Qualification Race which was scheduled for this afternoon has been postponed. There is a special team leaders meeting this evening at 18:00 when the rearranged schedule will be announced but the general expectation is that MK1 Qualifying will be tomorrow afternoon and then the Team Races will be Saturday with all Individual Semis and Finals on Sunday.

For us this means we have an extra rest day which is no bad thing since we were pretty tired after racing yesterday.

Check out the photos below to see what the course was like at about 11:00 today. It's not the highest I've ever seen it and there are pictures on the official website of a much bigger flood but it definitely looks very bouncy. Paddling it would be super fun but I don't think I'd choose a Slalom C2 as my weapon of choice.

Cheers Tim

(Posted on the 9th Sep 2010)
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