On the eve of the Euro Champs

Greetings from Augsburg where the 2012 European Championships will start tomorrow on the Eiskanal, venue of the 1972 Munich Olympics Canoe Slalom Race.

Since Etienne's last update we've been paddling everyday and my injured abdominals have been improving daily but only in very small increments. We started off paddling on the flat water of the River Lee just behind our house in London building up the intensity gradually as I felt able. Then last Saturday we traveled out here to Augsburg and advanced to paddling on the famous Augsburg back channels.

For those that haven't been here the course in Augsburg features the modern race channel which splits off the original Olympic channel about a third of the way down as well as two parallel back channels. The race channel features fast and intense whitewater and finishes by dumping back into the River Lech. The back channels feature the full spectrum of water features from fast flowing flat water up to full whitewater and then they flow into the Augsburg canal system. Check out the google maps link below to see how it all works.

It was really useful coming out here when we did because the back channels have allowed us to continue building up what we do gradually each day to the point where yesterday and today we have been able to do very easy courses on the main race channel. Whilst two easy sessions obviously isn't ideal preparation to race the European Champs we're pretty happy that we are now confident that we'll at least be able to start in the race. In terms of expectations of a result I think anything will be a bonus, it's very hard to say how effectively we'll be able to do a race run until we actually give it a go.

Happily we have another day for my injury to recover tomorrow whilst the MK1, MC1 and WC1 race their heats before we start racing on Friday. Tomorrow we'll be out paddling on the back channels again to help maintain the recovery by testing the muscles a bit.

Tonight we're off to the opening ceremony which sounds like it could be pretty good. Apparently "Celebrities of Show Business and Culture will Open the Euro 2012" including "various music styles" and "the half finalist in the RTL-Show - The Supertalent" so it can't be bad. Best of all though is that the organisers are also providing a dinner of Bavarian specialities for all the athletes and staff. Most people probably know that Etienne and I love our food so we can't wait to get involved with that. Just in case though I'm about to have a snack to keep me going :)

You'll be able to follow how the GB Team and ourselves get on over the weekend by visiting the official race website below. I think there's probably live video as well.

I think that's all our news for now, Cheers Tim

(Posted on the 9th May 2012)
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