SILVER, still buzzing!

So, it's Etienne here. Well I woke up this morning and I was still a World Cup Silver Medallist, so that was good!

We did have a good race, our second run was a real blast. My heart was pumping even before our run started. Afterward, it was humming like a generator! One thing that really struck me was how pleased people were for us (thanks to everyone who has emailed or facebooked) and how buzzing the team was. The GB team now has a medal in each category this year and I really feel that my team-mates shared in our runs. The GB team is a solid place from which to extend yourself and if it wasn't us, it might have been someone else.

The other finals didn't quite go to plan, Stu McIntosh was gliding until disaster struck on his final run. Comiserations to him. David Florence bravely went over the parapet on his left blade (he is a righty) and was rewarded with 4th. Campbell was struck with a 50 and was hurting because he would have won!

Anyway, we're looking at Augsburg now and we'll have to see, but we'll give it a shot. That's a promise!

(Posted on the 9th Jul 2007)
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