Overdue updates, a Trilogy, in Four parts!

I'll begin this update, in what is becoming our usual style, by apologising for how overdue it is! The usual excuse again I'm afraid which is becoming a little bit tired but is true never the less - "we've been a bit busy". Quite a lot has happened since our last update so there's plenty to tell and we'll try to cover everything in chronological order. To do this would be a very long single post so instead, for your reading convenience, we've decided to split it up into multiple posts, a Trilogy in 4 parts if you will. Hence just like the proverbial buses you've waited a long time for one but now there are many.

If you prefer the short version then here it is - we had a shocker at the European Champs, visited the Queen to receive our MBEs, had a good race at Cardiff World Cup(4th), had another good race at Augsburg World Cup(2nd) and now we are in Spain training for World Cup 3 this coming weekend.

Our last update was just on the eve of the European Champs in Poland back at the beginning of June. The race format was altered because of the course being flooded and so instead of racing heats everyone progressed directly to race the Semi-Final.

We prepared as usual and felt pretty decent but in execution our race run was very disappointing. Basically we were just a bit slow everywhere and also collected a few time penalties. It felt absolutely rubbish since we really didn't feel like we had done ourselves any justice. In review it was difficult to pinpoint what had gone wrong specifically since there were so many variables. It was tempting to doubt every aspect of our preparation and we were a bit down to be honest since it felt like we might be staring down the barrel of a long season of disappointing races.

Happily we had some more race opportunities coming up since the World Cup series started in two weeks so without enough time to make any major changes we neglected to draw any firm conclusions and decided to endeavor to do better!

GB Team highlight from the race in Krakow was Fiona Pennie's dominant performance to be crowned K1W European Champion, very well done to her and also to the K1W who won Silver in the team race!

Cheers Tim

(Posted on the 1st Jul 2013)
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