4th in Overall ICF World Cup Rankings 2007

Just a quick news update to say that we finished 4th in the 2007 Overall World Cup Rankings. This has been the case since Augsburg World Cup but have been waiting to see an official ranking list to check that our maths was correct. We're pretty chuffed to be in the Top 5 but would have been nice to make the two finals we missed so we could of had a chance to join our team mate David Florence on the overall podium.

We're back in Nottingham now and after a lighter week last week we would be fully back into training now except due to the rain there is only one third of the WW course available and it is only open in the mornings! On the plus side we've got a new canoe which looks real pretty and paddles pretty nice too.

(Posted on the 25th Jul 2007)
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