The Water is ON.

Today was the first time we saw the Olympic course with the water turned on and it was very impressive. The course was very fast and powerful and although a little shallow in places it's still pretty awesome. There's a load of photos in the gallery but unfortunately they don't give much impression of what the course is actually like. It's a bit like a cross between DWD and Athens if that helps anyone.

We had a two hour water slot this afternoon, was pretty tough going as it's always hard learning a new course in C2 when you are both reacting differently to what you are seeing. At least we avoided flipping onto a wall like Dave! He's ok just a scratch under his armpit but looked pretty dramatic from bank. No video unfortunately as Mark was taking some stills at the time.

Near the end of our session we somehow lost one of Etienne's buckles out of the boat which was frustrating but pretty amusing as well. After looking for it for about 25mins we decided it had indeed mysteriously disappeared but Etienne figured out a way of strapping in with only one buckle so we got a last run down.

This morning our team weights were delivered to the hotel, happily we've got two WW sessions tomorrow so won't have to lift them until Wednesday.


(Posted on the 6th Aug 2007)
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