Come Back Smog, All is Forgiven.

Well it's been a very hot and quite hectic few days training here in Shunyi. Since our last update the slalom course has been running with no problems. The weather has been very hot and sunny which has prompted many paddlers including ourselves to comment that the smog was actually preferable!

The sunshine has meant that pictures and video of the course look much better and we've got a new gallery and a training video clip for you to check out below.

Training has been going quite well considering the course is new and is also very difficult to paddle. Haven't suffered too much with jet-lag yet but am starting to get tired from training. Looking forward to getting a day off on Sunday and hopefully going to visit the Great Wall! Not sure whether to hope for sunshine so we get good photos or for smog so that the temperature is more bearable.

cheers tim

(Posted on the 10th Aug 2007)
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