Mark Delaney's Marathon Challenge

This weekend our coach Mark Delaney is the competing in the Loch Ness Marathon. Like the crazy fool that he is he's set himself the target of completing the 26 mile course in under 3 hours. He's been training really hard and so despite being ill last week we're confident that he can do it! Follow his progress at the official website below.

Mark's previous running achievements include winning the 2005 Seu Church race (see photos below). The Seu Church Race is an annual running race for coaches held whenever there is a world cup race in Seu. Starting from the bridge at the slalom course competitors run up the road to the prominent white church and then back to finish at the bridge. In 2005 the race was particularly dramatic as hyper athlete Ian "Razbo" Raspin was competing for the first time alongside past champion Swiss Roger, past medallist Mark Delaney and unknown outside bet Crazy Sven. Prior to the race Razbo knew that Delaney would be quicker down the hill so he set off very fast and lead from the start until just after the top. Unfortunately for Ian he took the race out just a little too hard and completely destroyed himself eventually having to stop minutes short of the finish. Anyone that knows Razbo will appreciate the pain he must have been in to actually stop. Razbo's fast start had destroyed Swiss Roger who had followed his early pace, this meant Delaney could charge through to take the win in the later stages with a more sensible pacing strategy. Swiss Roger was second i think and Crazy Sven came in third but had pushed a personally insane pace and so had to be hospitalized immediately after the race.

This weekend also see's Etienne return to his kayak roots to race the Dutch Open. We were meant to be competeing in C2 but an unfortunate knee bending incident meant i could not get in to a C2 to compete. We'd already paid for the trip so Etienne has gone along to get some experience on the course and try his hand at some kayak racing.

Best of luck to Etienne and Mark and fingers crossed my knee get better soon. cheers tim

(Posted on the 5th Oct 2007)
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