Countdown is progressing...

We arrived back in Holland last night for a weeks training before the first two races of GB Senior Team Selection next weekend. This will be the start of the Olympic selection process which is quite complicated so check out the "Mission 2008" article for a full explanation.

The weather here is much nicer than our last visit with flat calm wind conditions this morning. We're going to be having a pretty relaxed week as we taper for the races. Training just once a day with lots of DVDs and books in between to keep us occupied. The internet access is a little bit inconvenient so we probably won't be updating the site until after the races. I'm not sure if the results will be posted online. If they are the GB Canoeing website will probably be the most likely place to find them, follow the link below.

Cheers Tim

(Posted on the 7th Apr 2008)
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