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  • Cardiff World Cup

    Action photos from the 2013 ICF World Cup Race 1 in Cardiff, UK. Thanks very much to Pete Astles for the photos!
    2nd Jul 2013
  • Grandtully Prem

    Some action photos of us racing at the Grandtully Prem. Thanks very much to Fiona Ainslie for the photos.
    5th Apr 2013
  • HPP Training Feb.

    Here's some action photos of us training at home on HPP and also some portrait style shots of Etienne and his medal. Thanks ver...
    22nd Mar 2013
  • The Spring Caravan and Camping Show

    Here's some press photos from when Tim and Etienne visited The Spring Caravan and Camping Show at the Birmingham NEC to talk ab...
    1st Mar 2013
  • Snapshot of Tim's Month

    Here's a glimpse of some of what I've been up to over the last month.
    15th Oct 2012
  • Olympic Finals

    Here's some photos of us from the Olympic Finals day. Thanks very much to Antony Edmonds - 14th Oct 2012
  • Olympic Heats

    Here's some photos of us from the Olympic Heats day. Thanks very much to Antony Edmonds - 30th Aug 2012
  • LV - Media Day

    Last Wednesday GB Canoeing hosted a Media Day down at the Lee valley course. Here's some nice photos that Alex Irwin ( 9th Apr 2012
  • LV - Alex Irwin

    Here's some more action photos of us training on Lee Valley, this time from Alex Irwin ( 28th Feb 2012
  • LV 28th Jan

    Here's some more action pics of us training on Lee Valley. Thanks very much to Michael Barnett of 21st Feb 2012
  • LV 17th Jan

    Action photos by Mike Taylor from a chilly mornings training on the 17th Feb. Pretty dramatic conditions with low angle winter ...
    7th Feb 2012
  • Lee Valley Training

    Here's some action shots of us enjoying the incredibly mild November weather training on the Lee Valley. Thanks very much to Mi...
    18th Nov 2011
  • World Champs 2011

    Mostly action photos from the 2011 World Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia. Thanks to Pete Astles, Paul Ramsdale, Peter Pra...
    25th Oct 2011
  • Praha Rest Day

    Yesterday we had a day off training here in Prague. Having visited Prague many times over our careers we've seen most of the ci...
    8th Aug 2011
  • One Day at Bisham

    A day in the life at the British Olympic Medical Institute, Bisham Abbey
    23rd Jun 2011
  • One Arm Weights

    Here's a few shots of what I've been up to for the last 3 weeks. Lifting weights with my right arm whilst trying not to sweat t...
    7th May 2011
  • Lake Bled

    Photos from our rest day trip to Lake Bled where we had lunch and then hired a rowing boat to visit the island. Top afternoon o...
    2nd Aug 2010
  • The Bitches

    A selection of photos from our one day holiday to The Bitches in Pembrokeshire after the Cardiff Bay Prem race.
    15th Jul 2010
  • 2010 GB Selection

    Here's some photos of us that Pete snapped with his new camera at Race #1 of Gb Selection 2010. There will be more photos avail...
    3rd May 2010
  • JurgFest

    A selection of photos that we got hold off and printed for JurgFest, some of them are too good not to share :).
    7th Oct 2009
  • Coaches Church Race

    Here's a load of photos from the Coaches running race to the Church. If anyone wants the photos of themselves drop us an email.
    16th Sep 2009
  • Andorran Picnic

    Some photos from our rest day picnic in Andorra.
    3rd Aug 2009
  • HPP Selection 09

    5th May 2009
  • Grandtully 09

    Photo's from the Double Premier racing weekend at Grandtully. Thanks to my Dad for taking them.
    20th Apr 2009
  • HPP Reloaded

    Here's a selection of photos from our second session on the new course in Nottingham. They don't show the water features super ...
    19th Mar 2009
  • Tacen WC 08

    Some new photos we've just got from Tacen World Cup last year, thanks very much to Nina Jelenc for the photos.
    12th Feb 2009
  • Farm Life

    A gallery of photos taken on Cameron McIntosh's Farm where we stayed whilst we were in South Africa. It was quite amazing for b...
    11th Feb 2009
  • SA Training

    It's always tricky to get pictures of ourselves training since we're actually training at the time but just to prove that South...
    6th Feb 2009
  • River Ash

    Here's two sets of photos of us paddling on the Ash River. The first photos are from a rapid just upstream of the best slalom c...
    5th Feb 2009
  • Golden Gate

    After the Quad Bike Tour we visited Golden Gate National Park. We were expecting there to be a visitor centre of some sort but ...
    3rd Feb 2009
  • Quad Bike Tour

    We had an afternoon off training and so we decided to see a bit of the countryside... Cameron put us onto his mate Rob who did ...
    2nd Feb 2009
  • Trent Lock

    It was no surprise that the rain arrived and flooded Nottingham just in time for the course upgrading work to begin. This cours...
    13th Nov 2008
  • Training on HPP

    Here's a selection of photos of us training on HPP over the past few months. Pay close attention to our nice bright winter cagd...
    12th Nov 2008
  • Solkan

    Some photos from when we were in Solkan for the Slovenian Open World Series race in September.
    11th Nov 2008
  • Petawawa River

    Whilst we were in Canada we were very fortunate to catch the Petawawa river at a paddleable level which was unusual for the tim...
    25th Sep 2008
  • Pre-Worlds 08

    Collection of pictures from the Pre-World Championships in La Seu d'Urgell, Spain.
    29th Aug 2008
  • World Cups 08

    Various photos from the 2008 World Cups in Prague, Tacen and Augsburg.
    28th Aug 2008
  • Salt Mines

    Yesterday we visited the Krakow Salt Mine. It was a pretty amazing trip and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Krak...
    7th May 2008
  • Krakow Training

    Action photos from Krakow Training Camp. Thanks very much to Fiona Pennie for these shots.
    24th Apr 2008
  • HPP Selection

    Photos from Selection Race 3 at HPP. Thanks very much to David Leathborough, Andy Maddock and Peter Parker for the photos.
    21st Apr 2008
  • DWD Selection

    Action shots from Selection Races #1 and #2 at Dutch Water Dreams in Holland. Thanks very much to Andy Maddock for the pictures.
    20th Apr 2008
  • A Day in the Life of Stott

    A w-w-wicked day in the life of me (Etienne Stott). This gallery is just to show all the people who keep track of us that the l...
    12th Mar 2008
  • Random Australia

    A selection of random pics from our Australia training camp Jan/Feb 08 including a load from Loz's 30th Birthday boat trip in S...
    12th Feb 2008
  • Aus Open 08

    Racing action, a very big Aussie flag and us on the podium. Thanks very much to Brett Heyl ( for the high qua...
    28th Jan 2008
  • Wentworth Falls

    Scenic shots from our rest day train trip to Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains.
    23rd Jan 2008
  • Training in Aus, Jan 08

    Some photos of us training on the Penrith WW course in Australia. Thanks very much to Brett Heyl for the pictures. He was perso...
    9th Jan 2008
  • DWD Training

    Photos that Lau's snapped with Fiona's new camera. The facial expressions show how physical the DWD course is in C2.
    17th Nov 2007
  • British Open Adventures

    30th Oct 2007
  • Racing Action 07

    Here's a selection of action photos we've acquired over a year of international racing. If anyone else has photos of us they'd ...
    10th Oct 2007
  • Killing time in Foz

    We're only doing 1 hour of training per day on the river, so after that you have to decide what to do with the other 23 hours!
    12th Sep 2007
  • First Session Brazil

    Action shots from our first training session in Brazil. The course is real tricky and everyone was struggling to get to grips w...
    10th Sep 2007
  • The Great Wall

    Lots of pictures from our team trip to the Great Wall. Was very spectacular so hard to resist being a bit trigger happy.
    13th Aug 2007
  • More China

    Another selection of Delaney's photos from the Shunyi Slalom Course but this time featuring sunshine and blue(ish) sky instead ...
    10th Aug 2007
  • China - Day Two

    Second day in China saw our weights delivered to the Hotel and the water got turned on at the course. Quite eventful all round.
    6th Aug 2007
  • China - Day One

    Whole bunch of photos from our first day in China. Went to look at the course, unfortunately no water but still very impressive...
    5th Aug 2007
  • Liptovsky Adventure

    On Tuesday we had the afternoon off training and so decided to do a little bit of exploring. We bagged a vehicle and drove up t...
    13th Jun 2007
  • GB Senior Selection

    Racing action shots from senior selection race two at Nottingham. Photo Dave's got similar shots of almost all competitors, con...
    29th Apr 2007
  • Grandtully Double Prem

    Racing action from the Grandtully prem races 2007.
    15th Apr 2007
  • Brazil Training Camp

    Photos from our trip to Brazil for training and to race the Pan-Am Champs. Mostly featuring our touristy adventure to look at t...
    15th Mar 2007
  • Featherdale Wildlife Park

    Team day out to Featherdale Wildlife Park.
    14th Jan 2007
  • Australia Training Camp

    Random pics from our 6 weeks training camp in Penrith, Australia.
    6th Jan 2007
  • World Champs - Prague

    Selection of photos from Prague World Champs 2006. Thanks to Campbell for most of the photos.
    4th Aug 2006
  • Euro Champs 2006

    Racing action shots and other adventures from the 2006 European Champs in L'Argentiere.
    2nd Jul 2006
  • Athens

    Various photos from Athens world cup 2006, including our island scooter adventure.
    28th May 2006
  • Grandtully Prem 2006

    Racing at the Grandtully Double Prem 2006.
    16th Apr 2006
  • Australia Training Camp

    Selection of photos from our annual 6 week warm weather camp in Australia. We had loads of photos this trip since Kim had just ...
    20th Feb 2006
  • Seu Training Camp

    Just a few photos to show how cold it was when we went to Seu before christmas 2005 for canoe group training. Lucky we had our ...
    20th Dec 2005
  • World Champs - Australia

    A load of photos from our trip to Australia to race our first Senior World Championships. After the race Tim hung around and tr...
    25th Sep 2005
  • Athens World Cup

    Photos from Athens World Cup 2005, our first senior world cup as a crew. The race wasn't a total success as we 50ed in qualific...
    18th Jun 2005
  • World Cup Team Selection 2005

    Photos from the GB World Cup Team selection races on HPP, Nottingham.
    5th Jun 2005
  • Autralia Winter Training

    Photos from our first training camp to Australia as a crew. Needless to say was a big learning experience.
    10th Apr 2005
  • Tim in Nepal

    Photos from Tim's trip to Nepal in November 2004.
    16th Nov 2004
  • Public Speaking

    Here's a selection of photos of Tim and Etienne doing public speaking / personal appearance events.
    28th Oct 2000
  • Gliding at Thistlebrig

    A flooded U23 training camp in Grandtully circa November 1999 resulted in an awesome Stanley to Thistle trip on the Tay. Etienn...
    21st Nov 1999
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Video Clips
  • Tackling The Rapids For Gold

    Tackling The Rapids For Gold - Etienne Stott & Tim Baillie | Olympic Rewind

    The Olympic Rewind meets up with Tea...
    25th Nov 2013
  • 2013 Ecover Blue Mile

    The Ecover Blue Mile 2013 flagship event took place in Plymouth: Britain's Ocean City. 300 participants took to the water to sw...
    27th Sep 2013
  • IOC TV - Athlete Profile

    In this edition of the Athlete Profiles series we catch up with Team GB's Olympic gold medalists C-2 Canoe team; Etienne Stott ...
    16th Sep 2013
  • Honourary Degrees from U of N

    An interview with Olympic gold winning canoe slalom champions Tim Baillie MBE & Etienne Stott MBE.

    Tim and Eti...
    17th Jul 2013
  • ICF Athlete Profile

    Watch the portrait of C2 Olympic champions Tim BAILLIE and Etienne STOTT (GBR) shot at 2013 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup 3 in La ...
    7th Jul 2013
  • Sports Industry Awards

    Red Carpet interview with Tim and Etienne on arrival at the Sports Industry Awards. Later in the night they also presented an a...
    3rd May 2013
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