Snapshot of Tim's Month
Here's a glimpse of some of what I've been up to over the last month.
15th Oct 2012
  • Visiting one of my Gold Postboxs in Westhill, Aberdeenshire.
  • Etienne, Rich and myself went to visit the new Peak UK factory, here's us with Mr Peak UK outside his favourite local.
  • Tim visited the Hope factory in Barnoldswick to get some bits for his bike, amazing place and very nice people!
  • On the way home from Hope I stopped in to see my Granny in Yorkshire, here she is enjoying wearing the medal. She fell asleep wearing it and got a bit of a shock when she woke up with it on :-)
  • Etienne, Andrew Triggs Hodge, Ruta Meilutyte and me at the Plymouth Blue Mile event.
  • Etienne and I competeing in the SUP Blue Mile race with Sarah Outen global adventurer. Pretty tough race, bit like doing a 15min static squat on a wobble board!
  • Etienne and I falling off SUPs
  • Etienne and I racing the kayak blue mile.
  • Etienne on a float at the Team GB London Parade.
  • Etienne and myself being introduced at the BGC Charity Day.
  • View on the road to Lochgilphead.
  • With the 'Beaver' crew after filming a wildlife short in Lochgilphead.
  • On stage in Glasgow's George Square as part of the Team GB Scottish Parade.
  • Soaked at my Gold Postbox in Westhill during the Aberdeen Parade, it absolutely had to rain, wouldn't have been the same otherwise.
  • The end of the Aberdeen Parade at Haddo House with Gamesmakers and Torch Bearers.
  • Photo of Etienne and myself on the Peak UK stand at the Kanumesse show.
  • School art of Etienne and myself.
  • Stewart Pitt pointing out the potential site of X-Stream course project to Etienne.
  • Tim's Hope Tech super bike (thanks very much to Hope for the parts and to Stu Bowman for the build) on the bridge at Kenmore, beautiful clear, calm and crisp morning.
  • Amazing light conditions outside the Kenmore Hotel.
  • Etienne and myself with Dave the groundsman from Herts Young Mariners who voluntarily  cut the grass and looked after the garden at our London House to help us focus on training. The deal was along the lines of he'd cut the grass and we had to win the race, very hard to believe it actually panned out like that.
  • Huge cardboard me and Etienne as you come up the stairs at Lee Valley.
  • Gold and Silver lockers, very nice touch, would be good to have exclusive use of them :-)
  • Very amusing night at Live at the Apollo, thanks for having us!
  • Lego Mini-Us
  • Lego Mini-Us
  • At the Northsound Awards in Aberdeen.
  • In Glasgow with Alan Meikle to champion the BBC Sport Unsung Hero Award.
  • With my parents at the Great Scot Awards were they received an award on behalf of all the Olympian and Paralympians Families for the support they give the athletes.
  • Me and Sarah at the Great Scot awards.

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